Scary Speculating On Missing Plane

malaysiaThe news is beginning to sound like a scary bedtime story. Flight 370, the missing plane out of Malaysia, is considered a victim of hijacking now. And the idea that a hijacked plane could be used to deliver a nuclear bomb is being whispered. That could keep one awake at night.

Facts are few, but the way one can assemble them is truly frightening.

First, let’s discount the crazies – it was not kidnapped by space aliens or transported in a time warp. Everything else has to be considered.

There is now evidence that the plane’s signaling mechanisms were turned off…meaning a human turned them off, not a sudden stop. No easy task, doing this requires detailed knowledge of the Boeing plane.

The plane’s flight time (based on ping reception) is nearly seven hours and means that it could be anywhere in a vast area…an area that is a hotbed of terrorists.

The plane made turns taking it west instead of its intended flight path east to China. Three turns occurred and they were not accidental. They were made by a human. They were in the direction of those terrorists hotbeds.

None of the cell phones on the plane were used leading to suspicion that they were confiscated. For a plane with 235 people on board, this would take more than one hijacker.

The plane changed altitude from 35,000 feet to 45,000 then down to 23,000 and back up to 29,000. This is a technique used to disorient the passengers in at least one previous hijacking.

The plane could have been landed in any of the numerous 3500 foot cement strips left behind from previous wars. These are often remote and unobserved. It is however doubtful that it could take off from such a runway. But possible. Such places do exist in Vietnam and there are plenty of airports in Iran and Pakistan.

The USA is sending heavy duty ships into the area to help look for the plane. Would this response be needed for one missing passenger airliner? Or are they positioning in case something worse is going on?

So who wants a big, big plane? The scariest idea is terrorists who would like to load a nuclear bomb on a plane and fly it over Tel Aviv or New York.

Well, we have made it difficult for a terrorist to hide a nuclear bomb in his sock or underwear. But I have to join those who think this speculation is highly, highly unlikely. The NSA may be too busy reading our emails to have caught wind of such a terrorist ploy. And the CIA is occupied spying on the Senate, but they both failed to prevent the Boston Marathon bombing so I wasn’t counting on them anyway.

Still, there’s nothing like a scary story at bedtime to make one sleepless. Sweet dreams.

Let’s take a moment to say a prayer for those families who are in agony waiting to hear about their missing loved ones. They need no speculation to scare them. Their worst nightmare has already happened.

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2 comments to Scary Speculating On Missing Plane

  • maya cross  says:

    Any one looked in North Korea?

  • seth cross  says:

    This sounding less and less silly. I heard Israel is on high alert.

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